About Us
REDWOOD RESORT -Established 1896

Redwood Resort has a rich and colorful past. Formerly the Redwood Rest Resort,
back in the 30's this was the place w
here all the action was in Boulder Creek. The train
stop was at the South end of the property, convenient for city folks to come by for a
visit. There were 54 cabins, (only 6 remain today), a dance hall and café. Through the
years, the resort changed. The dance hall and restaurant burned down in the 50's. In
the 1970's most of the cabins were demolished and replaced by the RV park. The
Resort got new owners in 1980 and entered into a 25 year period of decline and
neglect. In 2005, the resort got new owners, Joe and Dan. Restoration started
immediately and continues to this day.

The new owners are committed to continuing to run the resort and keeping the place
as a fine place to live and camp.
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Redwood Resort Nostalgia